Unveiling the (real) GAINS Token

After more than three years in crypto, with the experience of having invested in more than 100 projects, we are launching the World’s First Decentralized VC, powered by the GAINS Token.


For the first time in history, the people are showing big VCs that they can fight back; recently illustrated with the GameStop case. There is a shift in the world. Our vision is to keep on fostering an amazing community, so that we’re on a journey together, on the same team, learning and becoming wealthy, free. Isn’t this when we can ultimately express ourselves, being financially free, not having any weight on our souls, no obligation? The creativity and joy this could bring to the world is appealing. Humans weren’t designed to live boring 9 to 5 jobs and it is a pity seeing a large portion of the population subject to this lifestyle.

Track Record

Just some of the deals we offered

Private Placements

We have also closed a small Strategic Sale of $240,000 from a few funds and influencers.
These are needed to bring you the best: networking, deal flow, advising, and to spread the word, even though we count on each and everyone of you to help with that.


Tier 1: GAINS Blue Whales — 200,000 GAINS required
Tier 2: GAINS Baby Sharks — 100,000 GAINS required
Tier 3: GAINS Sleek Dolphins — 30,000 GAINS required
Tier 4: GAINS Silver Fishes — 10,000 GAINS required

Smaller holders along with the best participants to our events and people who provide value in discussions will also have the chance to enter lotteries for allocations.


Skin in the Game

Half of the pool fees will be fully re-invested in said deals, with all realized profits used to buy back and burn the GAINS token. In perpetuity.

Team tokens will only be released once a combined cumulative ROI of 1,000x is achieved, and the 2-year vesting period is up.

Find the full deck here: https://www.gains-associates.com/deck.pdf

What now?

We will have a public sale in early April.

Thank you everyone for your support. We truly believe this is just the beginning. We look forward to this next chapter with the goal of playing on the global world stage in a few years.


— Alexandre and Lotfi, GAINS Founders

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