Lottery Model for GAINS Deals — A Fair System

Holders of $GAINS get access to spicy deals, everyone knows that.
For some deals, the total allocation isn’t big enough to let everyone participate and lotteries are conducted. People being people, they complain and always feel like they get the short end of the stick. Spoiler: they do not. In any case, this article aims to correct wrong beliefs by outlining our fair lottery model.

For each deal, people will get a certain number of tickets which will decide how many times their name appears in the drawing pool, hence affecting their chances of being whitelisted. You can only get 1 allocation spot per deal per person, no matter how many tickets you have.

Members of the Tier 1 “Blue Whales” group are not subject to these as allocations are always guaranteed for this group.

Long term holders and believers should obviously get rewarded.

We’ll check for how many days someone has held at least 10,000 GAINS compared to how long the token has existed.

As an example, if the token has been listed 30 days ago and someone held 10k+ GAINS during 16 days, that person has held for 53% of the token existence (16/30=53%) and will get 3 tickets (see table below).

Right now, there’s little incentive to accumulate tokens within your own tier. It’s changing now. See the tables below to see how many tickets you’ll get based on your average $GAINS balance for the past 7 days accross all your @gainsy_bot registered addresses.

To alleviate feelings of hopelessness and unluckiness, the more deals in a row you miss, the greater your chances to get in on the next one. Are you more likely to get struck by lightning or miss 6 deals in a row?

*Missing a deal means pledging and not being whitelisted

Soon, you will be able to see the number of tickets you’re getting for each deal by creating an account on our platform and linking your wallet.

Also, a fourth rule (with a decent number of tickets) will be added, measuring social media engagement. It will be retroactive, so start engaging now on Twitter, Telegram and elsewhere.

Best of luck, stay united and up we will go.
— Alex


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