ICO Review: DML

What is DML and what problems are they solving?

How does it work?

  • Algo Marketplace: where developers can submit their algorithms and get paid when they are used. This encourages constant innovation and helps the ecosystem have the most up to date and precise technology.
  • Decentralized Nodes: machines that anyone can host. They will run the algorithms and compute the predictions in exchange for tokens. They can be considered as miners.
  • Multiple Devices: can be phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers that will run the DML app (with the consent of the user). They will be able to convert raw user data to another type which will preserve the privacy of the user. It may be something like how many happy smileys can be found on your data, what colors appears the most, number of outdoor vs indoor photos… This will be fed to the algorithms to obtain precise predictions. Users who share their data will get some tokens in return. There will be no background or battery-consuming tasks here, the app will only run when the users wants it to (once per day for instance).

The team

Token Metrics

Our Opinion

  • Good idea: We didn’t find any other idea that solves the problem of data. For instance, if you read the white paper of Endor, you will find that they are just saying that some IT guys will upload the data (which makes it less decentralized by the way).
  • Good Technology: The ecosystem is designed in ways that will make the predictions very precise. There will be an algorithm to answer every question.
  • Good Team: The team is good, competent and has already ran businesses.
  • A fair amount of telegram members: 9200
  • Low Cap : 28 000 Eth
  • Partners: Even if they are building an infrastructure project, they may still need to get some partners on board to be able to face future challenges. But it’s still acceptable to not have partners for this type of project.
  • There’s no prototype already developed but the whitepaper is dense enough from a technical standpoint to prove they know what they’re doing.

Our Grades

  • Long Term: 9/10
  • Flipping: 7/10




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CoinMarketCap CKB Coin Airdrop Fırsatı

CoinMarketCap CKB Coin Airdrop Fırsatı

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